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Osavi, Zinc Picolinate, 50mg

Osavi, Zinc Picolinate, 50mg


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Nutritional Table

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 60 / 120 / 180
Nutrition Facts Amount per serving % Daily Value
Zinc picolinate
50 mg

in which zinc 10 mg 100%
Ingredients: Inulin, shell (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose), zinc picolinate.l)
Suggested Use: Swallow your capsule with a glass of water. We recommend taking one capsule either with a meal, or immediately after.
Warnings: Recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet. A varied diet and a healthy lifestyle should be carried out to help maintain normal health. Store in a dark and dry place at room temperature, out of the reach of young children.

Product Description

Supplementation with Organic Zinc for Vitality and Balance

Discover the ultimate in mineral supplementation with Zinc Picolinate 50 mg capsules. Crafted with highly absorbable organic zinc, these capsules are your essential companion for bolstering immunity, hormonal balance, and overall well-being.

Unlock Your Body's Potential with Essential Zinc

A Key Mineral for Peak Performance

Zinc is not just any mineral – it's an indispensable catalyst for numerous bodily processes. From supporting immunity to regulating hormones, it plays a pivotal role in maintaining optimal health at every stage of life.

Immunity, Hormones, and Beyond

Experience the multifaceted benefits of zinc. Enhance your immune response, optimise hormonal balance, and fortify cognitive function. With Zinc Picolinate 50 mg, you're empowered to thrive inside and out.

The Science of Superior Supplementation

Immune Defense Reinvented

Scientifically proven to bolster immunity, zinc is your frontline defense against pathogens and oxidative stress. By promoting immune resilience and cellular protection, the capsules ensure you stay strong and vibrant.

Hormonal Harmony, Inside and Out

Regulate your reproductive functions and support cognitive vitality with the transformative power of zinc. From fertility to cognitive clarity, it's the ultimate ally for holistic well-being.

Essential Nutrition Made Easy

Premium Quality, Maximum Potency

Formulated with highly absorbable organic zinc picolinate, each capsule delivers 100% of your daily zinc requirement (50 mg), ensuring optimal absorption and efficacy.

Pure and Clean Label

Embrace purity with clean label formulation – no unnecessary additives, just essential nutrition. Gluten-free, lactose-free, and GMO-free, it's the perfect choice for discerning health enthusiasts.

Eco-Conscious Commitment

Osavi's commitment to sustainability extends to the packaging, crafted from BioPET derived from renewable sugar cane. With every purchase, you're supporting a healthier planet.

Elevate Your Health Today

Make Zinc Picolinate 50 mg capsules a cornerstone of your wellness routine. Empower your body with the purity of organic zinc and embrace a life of vitality and balance. Experience the transformative power of Osavi – your trusted partner in holistic health.

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