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Osavi, Calcium citrate, powder - 240 grams

Osavi, Calcium citrate, powder - 240 grams


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Nutritional Table

Serving Size: 3 scoops (4,7 g) daily.
Servings Per Container: ~51
Nutrition Facts Amount per serving % Daily Value
Energy value
8 kcal
Calcium citrate 4.7 g
of which Calcium 960 mg 120%
Ingredients: Calcium salts of citric acid.
Suggested Use: Mix 3 scoops of powder in 200 ml of water or drink. Drink the suspension immediately after preparation. The presence of precipitate is a natural phenomenon and does not affect the quality of the product. We suggest taking with a meal or immediately after.
Warnings: Recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet. A varied diet and a healthy lifestyle should be carried out to help maintain normal health. Store in a dark and dry place at room temperature, out of the reach of young children.

Product Description

The Essential Role of Calcium: Why It Deserves a Place in Your Daily Routine

Osavi Calcium Citrate Powder, a versatile food supplement that provides calcium in an easily absorbable organic form. Calcium is a vital macronutrient that plays a fundamental role in supporting overall bodily functions, particularly as a crucial building block for maintaining healthy bones and teeth.

Calcium's Many Benefits: More Than Just Strong Bones

- Calcium contributes to normal muscle function, keeping your muscles in excellent shape.
- It supports the normal function of digestive enzymes, aiding digestion.
- Calcium is essential for the maintenance of strong bones and teeth.
- It also contributes to normal neurotransmission, supporting optimal brain function.

Osavi Calcium Citrate: Superior Absorption for a Healthier You

If you're looking to keep your muscles and bones in top condition while also improving digestion and enhancing brain function, ensuring your body receives an adequate supply of calcium is essential. OSAVI Calcium supplement, thanks to its calcium citrate content, offers superior bioavailability, translating into numerous benefits for your body.

Calcium is a macronutrient crucial for the optimal functioning of various bodily processes. It plays a pivotal role in the proper operation of the skeletal, nervous, circulatory, and digestive systems, as well as the maintenance of healthy muscle function.

Calcium: The Cornerstone of Vital Bodily Functions

As a primary component of bones, teeth, blood vessels, hair, and nails, calcium holds a vital role in the body's essential processes. This is especially significant for women over 50, who are particularly prone to osteoporosis.

Choosing the Right Calcium: Citrate vs. Carbonate

Studies have demonstrated that calcium citrate, the chosen form of calcium in this product, significantly reduces markers of bone resorption in postmenopausal women when compared to calcium carbonate, with superior absorption rates ranging from 22% to 27%, whether taken on an empty stomach or with meals.

Calcium's benefits extend to aiding proper digestion through its support of digestive enzymes, maintaining neurotransmission, contributing to blood coagulation, ensuring optimal energy metabolism, and participating in the processes of cell division and specialisation.

Dietary Sources and Absorption Challenges: Making the Most of Calcium

While dairy products and milk are primary sources of calcium, other food items such as soybeans, beans, kale, grain products, and fish contain smaller amounts. It's important to note that certain dietary factors like dietary fibre (found in fruits, vegetables, and grains), phytates (in cereal grains, legumes, nuts, or seeds), or oxalic acid (present in spinach and coffee) can hinder calcium absorption. Therefore, meal choices should be made carefully to ensure optimal calcium intake. Supplements featuring highly bioavailable calcium citrate, can be a valuable addition to your dietary regimen.

Convenient and Flavorless: Osavi Calcium Citrate Powder

Osavi calcium supplement is provided in the form of a well-absorbed organic salt—calcium citrate. Presented as a tasteless and odourless powder, the recommended daily dose of 4.8 g is easily measured with the included measuring cup (equivalent to three daily servings, providing 960 mg of calcium, covering 120% of the Nutrient Reference Value). OSAVI Calcium Citrate can be effortlessly mixed with your favourite drinks or water. It contains no additives, ensuring safety and quality. With 50 daily servings per package, this product lasts nearly two months, making it a convenient choice for maintaining your calcium needs.

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