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ChildLife, Organic Gripe Water - 59 ml (0m+)

ChildLife, Organic Gripe Water - 59 ml (0m+)


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Nutritional Table

Serving Size: 1 sprays
Servings Per Container: 100
Nutrition Facts
0-12 months (2mL)
1y+ (4 mL)
Energy 5 kcal 10 kcal
Carbohydrate 1 g 3 g
Proprietary Blend:  Organic Ginger Root, Organic Dill Essential Oil, Organic Kiwifruit Extract (Actazin™), Organic Fennel Seed Essential Oil 4.14 mg 8.28 mg
Ingredients: Organic Ginger Root, Organic Dill Essential Oil, Organic Kiwifruit Extract (Actazin™), Organic Fennel Seed Essential Oil, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Purified Water.

Suggested Use: 

For Infants from birth – 12 months: 2 mL as needed
For Infants 12 months+:
4 mL as needed

Warnings: Do not give this product to a child if they are allergic to any of the ingredients. 

Product Description

Soothe Your Baby's Discomfort with ChildLife Organic Gripe Water

ChildLife Essentials Organic Gripe Water offers natural relief for infants experiencing bloating, stomach discomfort, colic, teething, and hiccups. Made with a gentle blend of organic herbs, this liquid supplement is specially formulated to calm and comfort your baby during times of digestive distress.

Key Ingredients for Comfort and Relief

Organic Ginger

  • Ginger is known for its soothing properties and can help alleviate nausea, gas, bloating, and stomach cramps in infants experiencing colic.

Organic Fennel

  • Fennel helps relax the spasms of the colon and aids in releasing trapped gas, providing relief for colicky babies.

Organic Dill

  • Dill helps dispel flatulence, settle the stomach, and calm the digestive tract, promoting comfort for your little one.

Organic Kiwifruit Extract (Actazin)

  • Sourced from New Zealand, Kiwifruit Extract (Actazin) supports bowel regularity and maintains the natural balance of beneficial bacteria in your baby's digestive system, contributing to overall digestive health.

Certified Organic and Pure for Baby

ChildLife Essentials Organic Gripe Water is free of impurities and unnecessary chemicals, ensuring the safety and well-being of your baby. With six safe, natural, and time-tested ingredients, this gripe water formula provides gentle relief without the use of harsh chemicals or additives.

Easy-to-Administer Liquid Formula

ChildLife Organic Gripe Water comes in a convenient liquid form, making it easy to administer to infants of all ages. Simply follow the recommended dosage instructions, and provide your baby with the comfort and relief they need during episodes of digestive discomfort.

Trust ChildLife for Your Baby's Well-being

With ChildLife Essentials Organic Gripe Water, you can trust that your baby is receiving pure, natural relief from digestive discomfort. Give your baby the soothing comfort they deserve with ChildLife Organic Gripe Water, the trusted choice of parents worldwide.

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