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NOW Foods, Natural Beta Carotene (Vitamin A), 90 Soft gels

NOW Foods, Natural Beta Carotene (Vitamin A), 90 Soft gels

NOW Foods

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Nutritional Table

Serving Size: 1 Soft Gel
Servings Per Container: 90
Nutrition Facts Amount per serving % Daily Value
Vitamin A (100% as Beta-Carotene)(Natural Mixed Carotenoids from D. salina)
7,500 mcg
Ingredients: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Softgel Capsule [bovine gelatin (BSE-free), glycerin, water, carob] and Mixed Tocopherols (from sunflower oil).
Suggested Use: Take 1 soft gel daily with a meal. Store in a cool, dry place after opening.
Warnings: For adults only. Consult physician if pregnant/nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition. Keep out of reach of children.

Product Description

Unveil the Potential of Beta-Carotene - Your Key to Optimal Health

When it comes to essential nutrients that promote optimal health, beta-carotene stands out as a powerhouse of well-being. This vital nutrient, found in a variety of algal species, plays a crucial role in enriching yellow, orange, and dark green vegetables. Let's delve into the remarkable world of beta-carotene and how it contributes to your overall health.

Beta-Carotene: Nature's Vital Nutrient for Vibrant Well-Being

Beta-carotene is a naturally occurring compound that falls within the family of carotenoids, the pigments responsible for the vibrant colors in fruits and vegetables. This essential nutrient is a precursor to vitamin A, also known as retinol, within the human body. Vitamin A is indispensable for various bodily functions, such as maintaining healthy vision, supporting the immune system, and promoting skin health.

The Algae Connection: Beta-Carotene's Rich Source

Beta-carotene is abundantly present in various algal species. These microscopic aquatic plants are powerhouses of nutrition, offering an array of essential nutrients, including beta-carotene. Algae play a vital role in the aquatic food chain, and they serve as a primary source of this valuable nutrient for marine life and, subsequently, for humans who consume seafood enriched with beta-carotene.

Adaptogenic Power: Beta-Carotene's Dynamic Role in Your Body

One of the remarkable features of beta-carotene is its adaptogenic nature. As a fat-soluble compound, it can act as an antioxidant, helping to neutralise harmful free radicals that can damage cells and contribute to aging and various health issues. Additionally, beta-carotene can be transformed into retinol, a form of vitamin A that your body can readily use. This adaptability ensures that your physiological needs are met, making beta-carotene a versatile and essential nutrient for optimal health.

NOW Beta-Carotene: A Purity Commitment

While the benefits of beta-carotene are clear, it's equally important to consider the quality of the supplements you choose. Many beta-carotene supplements on the market contain unnecessary additives, such as titanium dioxide. NOW Foods understands the importance of purity and has formulated a beta-carotene supplement free from this unwanted ingredient. When you choose NOW beta-carotene, you can embrace the authentic essence of nature without compromising on quality.

Nature's Authenticity: Soft Gels, Slight Separation, and Quality Excellence

NOW beta-carotene is available in soft gel form, which is not only easy to swallow but also ensures the bioavailability of this vital nutrient. You may notice slight separation and color variation in the soft gels. Rest assured, this is a testament to the authenticity of the product. These natural variations in the soft gels do not impact the superior quality and effectiveness of NOW beta-carotene.

In conclusion, beta-carotene is a fundamental nutrient that offers a myriad of benefits for your overall health. Embrace the power of this essential compound and choose NOW beta-carotene as your trusted partner in achieving and maintaining optimal well-being. Say no to unnecessary additives and experience the authentic essence of nature with NOW beta-carotene - your key to vibrant health.

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