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NOW Foods, Mega D-3 & MK-7 - 60 Veg Capsules

NOW Foods, Mega D-3 & MK-7 - 60 Veg Capsules

NOW Foods

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Nutritional Table

Serving Size: 1 Veg Capsule
Servings Per Container: 60
Nutrition Facts
Amount per serving
Vitamin D
(as DCholecalciferol) (from Lanolin)
125 mcg (5,000 IU)
Vitamin K-2
(as Menaquinone-7) (MK-7) (MenaQ7®(from  chickpea)
180 mcg
Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Hypromellose (cellulose capsule) and Silicon Dioxide.
Suggested Use: Take 1 capsule daily with a fat-containing meal. Store in a cool, dry place after opening.
Warnings: For adults only. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Consult physician if pregnant/nursing, taking any anti-coagulants (such as warfarin, Coumadin®, heparin), or other medications (especially topical psoriasis medications or thiazide diuretics), or have a medical condition (especially hypercalcemia, kidney disease, or hyperparathyroidism). Discontinue use two weeks prior to surgery. Keep out of reach of children.

Product Description

NOW Foods Mega D-3 & MK-7: Comprehensive Support for Bone and Cardiovascular Health

Key Features:

  • High Potency Formula: NOW Mega D-3 & MK-7 provides a potent combination of 5000 IU of vitamin D-3 and 180 mcg of vitamin K-2 per serving. This high-potency blend delivers comprehensive support for bone strength, cardiovascular health, and immune function.

  • Synergistic Benefits: Vitamin D-3 and vitamin K-2 work synergistically to promote optimal calcium metabolism and utilisation in the body. Vitamin D-3 enhances calcium absorption, while vitamin K-2 directs calcium to the bones and prevents its deposition in the arteries, supporting both bone density and cardiovascular function.

  • Bioavailable Forms: NOW Mega D-3 & MK-7 features bioavailable forms of both vitamins for maximum absorption and effectiveness. Vitamin D-3 is derived from cholecalciferol, the natural form of vitamin D synthesised in the skin upon exposure to sunlight. MenaQ7 MK-7 is a highly bioavailable form of vitamin K-2 derived from natural sources.

  • Soy-Free Formula: MenaQ7 MK-7 used in NOW Mega D-3 & MK-7 is a soy-free source of vitamin K-2, making it suitable for individuals with soy sensitivities or allergies.


  • Bone Health: Vitamin D-3 and vitamin K-2 are essential nutrients for maintaining strong, healthy bones. Vitamin D-3 supports calcium absorption in the intestines, while vitamin K-2 directs calcium to the bones and helps prevent its accumulation in soft tissues. Together, these vitamins promote optimal bone mineralisation and density, reducing the risk of osteoporosis and fractures.

  • Cardiovascular Support: Proper calcium metabolism is crucial for cardiovascular health, and vitamin K-2 plays a critical role in this process. By supporting the removal of calcium from the arteries and promoting its deposition in the bones, vitamin K-2 helps maintain arterial flexibility and integrity, reducing the risk of arterial calcification and cardiovascular disease.

  • Immune Function: Emerging research suggests that vitamin D-3 may play a role in supporting immune function, particularly during times of increased immune stress. By modulating immune responses and promoting immune cell activity, vitamin D-3 helps protect against infections and supports overall immune health.

Quality Assurance:

NOW Foods is committed to producing high-quality supplements that meet stringent quality and safety standards. Mega D-3 & MK-7 capsules undergo thorough testing and quality control measures to ensure purity, potency, and efficacy. You can trust NOW Foods for premium supplements that support your health and wellness goals.

How to Use:

Take 1 veg capsule daily with a fat-containing meal, or as directed by your healthcare professional. Each serving provides 5000 IU of vitamin D-3 and 180 mcg of vitamin K-2, delivering comprehensive support for bone health, cardiovascular function, and immune health. Incorporate NOW Mega D-3 & MK-7 into your daily regimen to optimise your overall well-being.

High Potency Vitamin D3 and Bioavailable Vitamin K2

Support your bone strength, cardiovascular health, and immune function with NOW Mega D-3 & MK-7. Formulated with high-potency vitamin D-3 and bioavailable vitamin K-2, this supplement provides comprehensive support for your body's vital functions. Make Mega D-3 & MK-7 a part of your daily routine to promote optimal health and vitality.

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