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BetterYou, Magnesium Gel - 150 ml

BetterYou, Magnesium Gel - 150 ml


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Nutritional Table

Ingredients: Magnesium chloride, hydroxypropyl starch phosphate.

Gelling agent. (A natural starch derived from corn, modified to work in a high salt solution.)

Suggested Use: Bath:  Apply a small pea sized amount and massage well into the skin to stimulate absorption. After a shower or bath is a great time to apply as the skin is warm and the pores are open which aids absorption. Apply anywhere on the body avoiding delicate areas such as the eyes. Ideal for use on joints and muscles. Reapply whenever needed
Warnings: For external use only; Avoid contact with eyes; Do not use on damaged or broken skin. On initial application you may experience a slight tingling sensation. This may indicate low magnesium levels and is the result of the high speed absorption of magnesium through the pores. This will pass with regular use and as absorption commences immediately, skin can be towelled off after massaging in.

Product Description

Unlock the Power of BetterYou Magnesium Gel

Targeted Magnesium Application for Optimal Health

BetterYou Magnesium Gel delivers essential magnesium directly to where you need it most. With its highly targeted application, this gel is a superior way to replenish magnesium levels and support skin health and natural muscle repair.

Sustained Delivery for Lasting Benefits

Experience regulated release for sustained delivery of magnesium, providing continuous support for your body's needs. Each 1ml of gel contains 100mg of elemental magnesium, offering a natural muscle relaxant and relief from tension and stiffness.

Superior Absorption Through the Skin

When applied topically, BetterYou Magnesium Gel is immediately absorbed through the skin, bypassing the digestive system for optimal absorption. This scientifically proven method of magnesium supplementation offers a simple and effective alternative to tablets and capsules.

Essential for Overall Wellness

Magnesium is essential for a healthy body, acting as a natural relaxant to relieve muscle tension, support skin health, aid calcium absorption, and promote restful sleep. Incorporating BetterYou Magnesium Gel into your daily routine can help you achieve optimal wellness and vitality.

Directions for Use

Simply apply a small pea-sized amount onto the targeted area and massage well into the skin, focusing on joints, muscles, and areas of concern. Reapply as needed, especially after exercise, for best results. Safe for children and suitable for use during pregnancy, BetterYou Magnesium Gel is your go-to solution for total body support.

Experience the Magnesium Tingle

Upon initial application, you may experience a slight tingling sensation, indicating the high-speed absorption of magnesium. This sensation will diminish with regular use, leaving your skin feeling revitalised and replenished.

Pure and Natural Ingredients

Crafted from aqua (water), magnesium chloride, and hydroxypropyl starch phosphate, BetterYou Magnesium Gel contains 100% natural magnesium source, ensuring purity and efficacy.

Elevate your wellness journey with BetterYou Magnesium Gel and experience the transformative benefits of targeted magnesium application today.

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