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gmys, Gut Health Gummies, Pineapple - 60 Gummies

gmys, Gut Health Gummies, Pineapple - 60 Gummies


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Nutritional Table

Serving Size: 2 Gummies
Servings Per Container: 30
Nutrition Facts

Amount per serving

% Daily Value

Vitamin C

10 mg


Vitamin B3

8 mg


Vitamin B5

3 mg


Vitamin B6

0.7 mg



10 mg

Probiotic Complex

2.25 Billion

B. Infantis


L. rhamnosus


L. casei


Ingredients: Glucose Syrup, Sugar (Sweeteners), Water, Ascorbic Acid, Nicotinamide, Calcium D Pantothenate, Pyridoxine HCI, Xylitol, L.Casei, L. Rhamnosus, B. Infantis, Maltodextrin (Active Ingredient Pre-mix), Pectin E-440 (Gelling Agent), Citric Acid E-33 (Acidulant), Sodium Citrate E-331 (Acidity Regulator), Coconut Oil & Carnauba Wax (Coating Agent), Curcima Extract E-100 (Natural Colour), Pineapple (Natural Flavour).
Suggested Use: Chew 2 gummies per day. Gummies should be chewed and not swallowed whole.

Warnings:Do not exceed the recomended daily intake. Age 18+.

Product Description

Elevate Your Gut Health with gmys Gut Health Gummies

Key Benefits:

  • 1. Gut Health Elevated

Experience digestive bliss with our Probiotic gummies, meticulously formulated with 2.25 billion CFUs (Colony Forming Units) to support optimal gut well-being. Maintain a healthy balance of gut flora for improved digestion and overall wellness.

  • 2. Vitality Unleashed:

Boost your energy levels with our Probiotic gummies enriched with essential vitamins B3, B5, and B6. These vitamins are crucial for energy production, stress management, and overall vitality, ensuring you feel energized and ready to conquer the day.

  • 3. Immunity Turbocharged:

Infused with Vitamin C, our gummies provide a turbocharged immunity boost, strengthening your body's defenses and complementing the benefits of probiotics for optimal gut health. Enjoy the ultimate gut-health combo while fortifying your immune system.

Why Choose gmys Gut Health Gummies?

  • Delicious pineapple flavor
  • Packed with 2.25 billion CFUs for optimal gut well-being
  • Enriched with essential vitamins B3, B5, B6, and Vitamin C
  • Supports digestive health, energy production, stress management, and immunity
  • Convenient and easy-to-take gummies for daily use

Elevate Your Digestive Wellness:

Make gmys Gut Health Gummies a part of your daily routine and experience the benefits of improved digestion, enhanced energy, and strengthened immunity. With each tasty gummy, you're nourishing your gut and supporting your overall well-being.

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