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Doctor's Best Fish Collagen with Naticol Fish Collagen - 30 Stick Packs

Doctor's Best Fish Collagen with Naticol Fish Collagen - 30 Stick Packs

Doctor's Best

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Nutritional Table

Serving Size: 1 Powder Stick Pack (5 g)
Servings Per Container: 30
Nutrition Facts Amount per serving
Calories 20 kcal
Protein 5 g
Sodium 5 mg
Type I Fish Collagen (Naticol™ Fish Collagen) 5 g
IngredientsContains fish (sustainable catfish, cod, haddock, tilapia).
Suggested Use: Add 1 powder stick pack to your favourite beverage daily, or as recommended by a nutritionally informed physician.
Warnings: Consult your healthcare professional before use if you are pregnant or nursing, under the age of 18, or are undergoing treatment for a medical condition. Keep out of reach of children.

Product Description

Discover the Power of Naticol Fish Collagen

Elevate Your Skin and Joint Health

Introducing Doctor's Best Fish Collagen with Naticol Collagen Peptides, your daily companion for radiant skin and agile joints. Each convenient stick pack features Type I fish collagen, a premium ingredient renowned for its ability to enhance skin moisture, elasticity, and overall vitality. With a virtually tasteless and odorless formula, incorporating collagen into your routine has never been easier!

A Wholesome Addition to Your Daily Rituals

Seamlessly Blend into Your Favorite Beverages

Enhance your morning coffee, tea, or smoothie with the nourishing benefits of fish collagen. Doctor's Best Fish Collagen effortlessly integrates into your daily rituals, offering a simple and effective way to support your natural beauty from within. Elevate your self-care routine and experience the transformative power of collagen supplementation.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainably Sourced

Support Your Health and the Planet

Rest assured knowing that Doctor's Best Fish Collagen is not only beneficial for your health but also for the planet. Naticol Fish Collagen is sourced from sustainable fisheries, ensuring eco-friendly production practices and minimal environmental impact. With every stick pack, you can contribute to a healthier planet while nourishing your skin and joints.

Key Benefits:

  • Promotes Skin Moisture and Elasticity: Rejuvenate your skin from the inside out, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful complexion.
  • Supports Joint and Bone Health: Enhance joint flexibility and mobility, while fortifying bone density for long-term skeletal strength and resilience.
  • Convenient Stick Packs: Enjoy the benefits of fish collagen anytime, anywhere, with easy-to-use stick packs that fit seamlessly into your busy lifestyle.
  • Eco-Friendly Sourcing: Feel good about choosing Doctor's Best Fish Collagen, knowing that the sustainably sourced Naticol Collagen Peptides support both your health and the planet.

Elevate Your Beauty Routine with Doctor's Best Fish Collagen Today!

Unlock the secret to radiant skin and agile joints with Doctor's Best Fish Collagen. Elevate your beauty routine and embrace a healthier, more vibrant you with each nourishing stick pack. Dive into the transformative power of collagen and experience the beauty of natural vitality, inside and out.

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