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Swanson, Ecklonia Cava Extract - 30 Veg Capsules

Swanson, Ecklonia Cava Extract - 30 Veg Capsules


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Nutritional Table

Serving Size: 1 Veg Capsule
Servings Per Container: 30
Nutrition Facts Amount per serving
Ecklonia Cava 80;1 Extract (Frond and Stipe) (standardised to 50% Polyphenols (Including Phlorotannins)) Water Extraction, 99.9% Pure Ecklonia Cava
53 mg
Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose (Plant Fiber), Hypromellose (Vegetable Capsule), Magnesium Stearate, Silica
Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take one veggie capsule per day with food and water.
Warnings: Consult your healthcare professional before use if you are pregnant or nursing, under the age of 18, or are undergoing treatment for a medical condition. Keep out of reach of children.

Product Description

Seas the Day with Swanson Ecklonia Cava Extract - Embrace the Purity, Embrace wellness! 

1. The Pinnacle of Purity

  • Elevate your antioxidant game with Swanson Ecklonia Cava Extract, boasting an unrivaled purity of 99.9%. Immerse yourself in the purest extract available for a wellness experience like no other.

2. Brown Algae Brilliance

  • Derived from brown algae cultivated off the coasts of Korea and Japan, this extract is a testament to the brilliance of brown algae. Uncover the unique polyphenols known as phlorotannins, distinct from all land/plant-based polyphenols.

Antioxidant Powerhouse from the Depths of the Sea

1. Superior Polyphenol Performance

  • Experience the antioxidant prowess of Ecklonia Cava, the star of brown algae-based antioxidants. Harnessing phlorotannins, it stands out for its potential to deliver stronger antioxidant benefits compared to land-based sources like green tea or resveratrol‚ÄĒpossibly up to 2 or 3 times the strength.

2. Oceanic Elixir

  • Dive into the oceanic elixir that is Ecklonia Cava Extract. As a product of the sea, it brings you the essence of marine vitality and the concentrated power of brown algae to support your overall well-being.

Why Swanson Ecklonia Cava Extract?

1. Pure Water-Based Excellence

  • Choose Swanson for excellence in purity. 99.9% pure Ecklonia Cava Extract is a water-based formulation, ensuring you receive the full spectrum of benefits without compromise.

2. GreenFoods Formulas Commitment

  • Trust in the commitment of Swanson GreenFoods Formulas to deliver nature's gifts in their purest form. Ecklonia Cava Extract exemplifies this dedication to quality and potency.
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