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Trained By JP, Do Not F**cking Miss (DNFM), 320 Grams

Trained By JP, Do Not F**cking Miss (DNFM), 320 Grams

Trained By JP

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Nutritional Table

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (8 g)
Servings Per Container: 40
Nutrition Facts

Amount per serving
3000 mg
Beta Alanine 1750 mg
500 mg
200 mg
Juniper Berry
200 mg
Kigelia Africana
100 mg
Juglans Regia Whole Fruit
100 mg
Ingredients: L-Citrulline, Beta Alanine, Taurine, Caffeine, Juniper Berry, Kigelia Africana, Juglans Regia Whole Fruit.
Suggested Use: Start with just 1 scoop, before moving to 1 and half and then only 2 scoops if you can tolerate it, or if you are used to taking high stim pre workouts.
Warnings: Consult your healthcare professional before use if you are pregnant or nursing, under the age of 18, or are undergoing treatment for a medical condition. Keep out of reach of children.

Product Description

Elevate Your Workouts with Trained By JP Do Not F**cking Miss (DNFM) - Your Ultimate Pre-Workout Stimulant

Prepare yourself for the most intense and powerful workouts of your life with Trained By JP Do Not F**cking Miss (DNFM). This groundbreaking pre-workout stimulant is specifically formulated to take your training to the next level, delivering unrivaled energy, focus, and performance enhancement.

Unleash Maximum Energy and Focus:

  • Extreme Stimulant Formula: DNFM is Trained By JP's strongest pre-workout to date, featuring a potent blend of three of the most powerful stimulants available: juniper berry, kigelia, and juglans. This unique combination provides an unparalleled surge of energy and mental focus, ensuring you're primed for an intense workout session.

  • Use with Caution: This pre-workout is not for the faint of heart. We recommend starting with just one scoop (or even less) to assess your tolerance before gradually increasing to one and a half or two scoops, if necessary. Due to its potency, we advise against taking DNFM after 5pm to avoid disrupting your sleep schedule.

  • Unmatched Performance Enhancement: Whether you're hitting the weights, crushing cardio, or pushing your limits in any other physical activity, DNFM is designed to help you reach new heights of performance. With enhanced energy, focus, and endurance, you'll be unstoppable in the gym or on the field.

  • For Serious Athletes Only: DNFM is exclusively for those who demand the most from their workouts. If you're serious about pushing your limits and achieving your fitness goals, this pre-workout is the ultimate tool to help you succeed.

Take Your Workouts to the Next Level with DNFM:

Don't settle for mediocre workouts. Elevate your training experience and unleash your full potential with Trained By JP Do Not F**cking Miss (DNFM). Get ready to dominate your workouts like never before and experience the difference that true performance enhancement can make.

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