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Trace Minerals, 40,000 Volts Electrolyte Concentrate, 237 ml

Trace Minerals, 40,000 Volts Electrolyte Concentrate, 237 ml

Trace Minerals

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Nutritional Table

Serving Size: 1 teaspoon
Servings Per Container: 48
Nutrition Facts Amount per serving % Daily Value
Magnesium 190 mg 45%
Chloride 600 mg 26%
Sodium 105 mg 5%
Potassium 150 mg 3%
Sulfate 20 mg
Boron 950 mcg
Ingredients: Ionic Trace Minerals complex, purified water, Utah Sea Minerals™, potassium chloride, Non-GMO citric acid.
Suggested Use: SHAKE VIGOROUSLY. Add 1 teaspoon (approximately 80 drops) to a large glass of juice, sports drink, or other beverage before, during, or after strenuous activity to help maintain healthy electrolyte levels in the body for improved performance and fewer muscle cramps.† Can also be used to help prevent night muscle cramps.† Store at room temperature. Some crystallisation may occur, but will not affect the quality or integrity of the product.
Warnings: No Known Allergens. Gluten Free.

Product Description

Electrolyte Concentrate - Your Ultimate Sports Drink Booster

Transform any beverage into a potent electrolyte sports replacement drink with 40,000 VOLTS! Electrolyte Concentrate. This remarkable product is carefully crafted by blending a concentrated Ionic Trace Minerals complex and Utah Sea Minerals, all in a base of liquid potassium chloride.

Achieve Optimal Hydration and Performance

Staying hydrated is crucial for peak performance in sports and daily activities. With 40,000 VOLTS! Electrolyte Concentrate, you can supercharge your favourite drinks with essential electrolytes. These powerful minerals help maintain proper fluid balance, support nerve function, and prevent muscle cramps, allowing you to perform at your best.

Enhanced Formula for Superior Results

The unique formula combines the potency of Ionic Trace Minerals and Utah Sea Minerals to provide your body with the vital nutrients it needs. Whether you're an athlete, fitness enthusiast, or simply looking to boost your daily hydration, 40,000 VOLTS! Electrolyte Concentrate is your ultimate solution.

Convenient and Easy to Use

No more relying on pre-packaged sports drinks filled with artificial additives. With 40,000 VOLTS! Electrolyte Concentrate, you have the power to customise your hydration according to your preferences. Just a few drops are all you need to unleash the potential of your favourite beverage.

Stay ahead of the game with 40,000 VOLTS! Electrolyte Concentrate - Your go-to electrolyte booster for optimal performance and hydration. Don't miss out on this game-changing supplement; grab yours today!

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