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Garden of Life, Mykind Organics Adrenal Daily Balance - 120 Vegan Tablets

Garden of Life, Mykind Organics Adrenal Daily Balance - 120 Vegan Tablets

Garden of Life

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Nutritional Table

Serving Size: 2 Tablets
Servings Per Container: 60
Nutrition Facts Amount per serving % Daily Value
Thiamin (Vitamin B1 from Organic B Complex Blend)
0.6 mg 50%
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2 from Organic B Complex Blend) 0.65 mg 50%
Niacin (from Organic B Complex Blend) 1.2 mg 7%
Vitamin B6 (from Organic B Complex Blend) 0.85 mg 50%
Folate (from Organic B Complex Blend) 25 mcg DFE 6%
Pantothenic Acid (from Organic Bg Complex Blend) 0.8 mg 16%
Organic Adrenal Blend 850 mg
Organic Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis) Berry Extract 330 mg
Organic Rhodiola rosea Root Extract standardised to 2% Rosavins (6mg) 300 mg
Organic Ashwagandha Root Extract (7.5mg Withanolides) 150 mg
Organic Eleutero (Siberiaan Ginseng) Root Extract 70 mg
Organic B Complex Blend 50 mg
Extracts of Organic Psidium guajava (Guava fruit), Organic Ocimum sanctum (Holy Basil leaf), Organic Lemon (peel)
Probiotic Blend 4 mg
Bifidobacterium lactis Bl-04 Lactobacillus acidophilus La-14
Ingredients: Clean Tablet TechnologyTM Blend (patent pending): Organic GumArabic, Organic Dextrose, Organic Coating (Organic Sunflower Lecithin, Organic Tapioca Maltodextrin, Organic Palm Oil, Organic Guar Gum)
Suggested Use: Adults Take 2 tablets daily, not intended for children.
Warnings: As with any dietary supplement, consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, anticipate surgery, take medication on a regular basis or are otherwise under medical supervision. Keep out of reach of children. Energy Store in a cool, dry place. Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing Made without dairy or soy ingredients, peanut, tree nuts or shellfish. Manufactured in a facility that also processes soy, dairy, peanut, tree nuts and shellfish. No artificial colours or preservatives.

Product Description

Manage Everyday Stress Naturally

Discover a holistic approach to managing the effects of everyday stress with Garden of Life's mykind Organics Herbal Stress Balance Tablets. Crafted with care, these capsules aim to provide your body and mind with the support they need for balanced emotional well-being.

Powerful Blend of Adaptogenic Herbs

Ashwagandha Root

Enrich your stress management journey with the adaptogenic prowess of Ashwagandha root—an herb known for its potential to combat stress and promote relaxation.

Siberian Ginseng

Experience the invigorating effects of Siberian ginseng—an adaptogen celebrated for its potential to enhance resilience to stress and support overall well-being.

Essential B Vitamins for Emotional Wellbeing

B1, B2, B5, and B6

Elevate your emotional wellbeing with a blend of essential B vitamins:

  • B1 and B6: Contribute to normal psychological function, offering a foundation for mental well-being.
  • B2 and B6: Support the normal functioning of the immune system, providing comprehensive well-being.
  • B2, B5, and B6: Alleviate tiredness and fatigue, ensuring you stay energised throughout the day.

Clean and Whole Ingredients

Organic and Pesticide-Free

Rest assured knowing that mykind Organics sources herbal ingredients without pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. The extraction process remains free from harsh chemicals, preserving the purity of each capsule.

Key Benefits to Embrace

Promotes Healthy Response to Daily Stress

Experience the transformative benefits of vitamins B1, B2, B5, and B6, working synergistically to support a healthy response to daily stress and bolster emotional well-being.

Enhances Psychological Function and Immune Support

Reap the rewards of B1, B2, and B6, contributing to normal psychological function and immune system support, fortifying your overall health.

Fights Fatigue

Combat tiredness and fatigue with the assistance of B2, B5, and B6, ensuring you stay resilient and energised throughout your day.

Includes a Diverse Range of Live Bacteria

Immerse yourself in the benefits of a diverse range of live bacteria, enhancing your gut health and contributing to overall well-being.

Dietary Excellence

Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Kosher, Gluten-Free

Celebrate the inclusivity of the Herbal Stress Balance Tablets—a testament to dietary excellence catering to various preferences and ensuring a clean and wholesome experience.

Elevate Your Emotional Well-Being Naturally

In conclusion, Garden of Life mykind Organics Herbal Stress Balance Tablets provide a natural and effective solution to manage everyday stress. Embrace the power of adaptogenic herbs and essential B vitamins, knowing that each capsule is crafted with clean, whole ingredients. Prioritise your emotional well-being with a supplement designed to support you through life's challenges.

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